The Three Cities Art Club is a welcoming community of artists and art enthusiasts gathering monthly from September through June in Plymouth, Michigan. Join us for engaging meetings featuring informative presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops in a relaxed atmosphere.

Each month, we offer something new, allowing everyone to expand their skills and knowledge across various artistic mediums such as drawing, painting, photography, and more. Explore techniques to elevate your artwork for exhibition in art shows, including three-dimensional works like fiber, clay, wood, polymer, and collage, which are also featured in some of our club exhibitions.

For artists, we provide valuable insights into exhibition opportunities, emphasizing that participating in more shows increases your chances of winning prizes and selling your art.

Attend up to three meetings at no cost before deciding to join. Whether you’re learning something new or rediscovering forgotten techniques, you’ll find inspiration to apply to your future works of art. Membership dues are only $30 per year, and our aim is to foster your creative energy within a supportive and friendly environment.

At each meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to admire outstanding art and participate in our Popular Vote competition by selecting your top three favorite pieces. Members can showcase one or two new pieces at each meeting for entry, with winning artists receiving ribbons and accumulating points toward one of six cash prizes awarded at the end of the season.

For further inquiries about the club, exhibitions, opportunities for presenting, or becoming an exhibition juror/judge, please contact Marilyn Meredith. Marilyn can be reached by phone or text at 313-231-3939 or via email at [email protected].


The guest speakers over the years have been a source of many educational presentations.  Three Cities Art Club has also given me an opportunity to display my artwork.  I wonder if I would have produced as many paintings if I had not been with the Club.  I can say Three Cities has improved my life being able to socialize with artists with extraordinary talent and are cool as well.”

James Bramlet

Check website’s Club Meetings before heading out to confirm location.


Attendees at meetings vote for their favorite art brought by members. Congratulations to the following artists who received cash prizes for most wins by season’s end.

Chuck Schroeder


First Place by Schroeder
Pen and Color Pencil by Chuck
Linda Bedard


Greenfield Village Cotswell Cottage
Oil by Linda Bedard
Angie Weldon


Award Winning Art by Weldon
Oil by Angie Weldon
Larry Weldon


Larry Weldon Wood Carving
Wood Carving by Larry Weldon
Kathleen Boettcher


Kathy Boettcher Painting
Acrylic Painting by Kathleen Boettcher
James Bramlet


Bramlet Popular Vote Winner
Acrylic by James Bramlet

Location of most meetings: