Gallery At City Hall

Beautiful art gallery outside meeting rooms, with new art every four to eight weeks. Support local fine artists by purchasing art for your home, office or to give as a precious gift.

The Gallery at Westland City Hall was established in 2016 through the coordinated efforts of founder Allen Brooks, along with Three Cities Art Club and the City of Westland, Michigan.   Allen fulfilled his role with much success, until retiring in 2021.  The current Curator then took on the role and continues to host about ten shows a year, providing dynamic and diverse art exhibitions. One of the primary goals of the Gallery is to provide community outreach to the good people of Westland and her neighbors in the form of art.  There is no fee to apply, and no commissions charged. Availability is on a first come first serve basis, subject to approval by the current Curator.

The Gallery offers the opportunity to exhibit large shows, requiring a minimum of 40 pieces of artwork, up to about 60 or more, depending on size. Installation of art pieces is by way of a special cable and hook system, so all artwork must be framed and wired with fasteners in a professional manner. Exhibitors have the option of hosting a reception. The Gallery aims to provide a high standard of exhibitions and to promote emerging and established artists alike from the southeast Michigan area.

Gwen Roth


Award-winning Michigan photographer Gwendolyn Roth has exhibited extensively locally and internationally. Her work emphasizes fine art, nature, and healing art, but she will photograph anything that catches her eye. Uplifting and encouraging perspectives of everyday life inspire her creativity.

When she is not photographing the world around her, Gwen volunteers her extra time by promoting local artists for the love of art. She represents Three Cities Art Club as Curator for rotating art exhibitions at the Gallery at Westland City Hall.  She took on the role in 2021 after the original curator retired. She is responsible for finding and booking artists or artist groups from the local area throughout the year. Additionally, Gwen is Treasurer/co-Secretary for Three Cities Art Club, serves as a Board Member for the Plymouth Community Arts Council, and is an active member of the Livonia Camera Club.

Short artist statement and biography and a description of your proposed exhibition. If you have a CV, send that too. Provide a link to your current website/social media presence. You must provide at least 40 pieces framed or with finished canvas, ready to hang with framing hooks and wire. No poster frames please. Provide at least 10 jpeg images of your proposed pieces. Send all pertinent information for consideration to [email protected]

Set-up/Take DownExhibitorReception
Friday, January 5-March 1, 2024Livonia Camera ClubNone
Friday, March 1-March 29, 2024Matter & EnergyTBD
Friday, March 29-April 26, 2024STEP/PASC3/29 6-9 PM
Friday, April 26-May 31, 2024Power of Abstraction5/3 6-9 PM
Friday, May 31-June 28, 2024Alessandra Lipman TBD
Friday, June 28-Auguast 30, 2024D&M Art Studio Emerging ArtistsTBD
Friday, August 30-September 27, 2024Chanel BeebeTBD
Friday, September 27-November 8, 2024Three Cities Art Club MembersNone
November 8, 2024-January 3, 2025*Juried Call for ArtistsYes, TBD

*Dates to be confirmed, please check back for updates