Below please get to know our club members. Many artist’s names provide a link to a file or website so you can learn more about the artist, see some of their work and perhaps arrange for a purchase or commission a unique piece of art.

Richard Adams

Oil Painting

Susan Aitken

Newsletter Chairperson

Oil Painting and Gingerbread Houses

Nancy Bahr

Oil Painting, Water Colors

Shreya Balla

Digital, Acrylics, Pen, Watercolors, etc.

Sylvia Bandyke

Computer Enhanced Photography

Linda Bedard

Oil Painting

Russ Bellinger

Cheryl Boc-Chester

Watercolor, Photography

Kathleen Boettcher

Pastels, Acrylics, etc.

James Bramlet

Oil Painting, Acrylics, Watercolors, etc.

Allen Brooks

Computer Enhanced Photography

Susan Dehelean

Sharon Lee Dillenbeck Rokita

Vice President

Oil Painting, Watercolors and more

Gabriella Dolin

Lori Ellsworth


Brenda Everson


Sharon Faulkner

Joyce Frederick, Honorary Member

Barbara Gerych

Lonnie Haines


Keith Haranczak

Digital and mixed media

Terri Haranczak

Drawings, Digital Images, Photography, Graphic Design, Vector Art, Printmaking, Mixed Media

Kseniya Hauptmann

Rachel Hernendez

Carol Hines

Vanessa Howson

Susan Hunt

Photography, Watercolors, Color Pencil

Jim Karell

Oil Painting

Fred Keebler Portrait

Fred Keebler

Technical Chairperson

Peggy Kerwan

Sweetwater Coffee & Tea Exhibition Coordinator, Public Facebook

Block Printing, Acrylics, etc.

Sarah Koch

Photography, Mixed Media, Painting, etc.

Madhavi Kovuru

Acrylics, Graphite, Mixed Media

Alessandra Lipman

Fiber Paintings

Carolyn Marnon

Carolyn Marnon


Fred Maynard

Rose McDonnall

Color Markers

Marilyn Meredith

President, Co-Programs, Co-Membership, Co-Exhibitions, Publicity, Website

Acrylics, Pastels, Watercolors, etc. Pet Portraits by Marilyn

John Middlestead


Patrick Miller


Susie Miller

Lynda Pietka

Maissa Redouane-Ali

Jade Rosa

Gwen Roth

Treasurer, Co-Secretary, Club Facebook, Westland’s Gallery at City Hall Curator

Computer Enhanced Photography

Deana Salhaney


Victoria Santamaria

Meana Schaldenband

Fiber Art

Chuck Schroeder

Pen, Color Pencil

Cres Schwartz (photo by Sue Voyles)

Spotlight Chairperson

Doug Scoda


Joan Seller

Valeria Shelton-Miller

Susann Smith

Susann Smith


Kathleen Tenerowicz

Susan Truckly

Susan Truckly


Jerry Valentine

Wood Carving

Andrea Vann

Cathy Vettese

Color Pencil

Ronald J. Warunek

Pastels, Color Pencil

Angie Weldon

Co-Hospitality Chairperson

Oil Painting

Larry Weldon (photo by Sue Voyles)

Co-Hospitality Chairperson

Wood Carving

Sharlene Welton

Acrylic, Mixed Media

Ed Wendover

Writer, Published Author, Supporter

Joan Witte

Linda Zapp

Lori Zoumbaris

Acrylics, Watercolors, Color Pencil